Complex problem-solving test

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Assesses complex problem-solving ability.

Complex problem-solving ability is the ability to acquire new knowledge in order to solve a problem and to apply it purposefully. This ability is comprised of knowledge acquisition ability and knowledge application ability. The problem situations presented in COMPRO are intransparent and dynamic. In contrast to traditional cognitive ability tests the test therefore assesses a number of cognitive aspects that interact in the solving of complex problems.

COMPRO can be used for queries that arise in personnel psychology; it is particularly suitable for use in connection with manufacturing and safety assessments and academic testing. COMPRO discriminates particularly well between very able respondents.

Test forms+

S1: Standard form
S2: Parallel form


COMPRO consists of 11 scenarios. The scenarios involve complex realistic systems showing, for example, that Factor A and Factor B both influence Factor C. The respondent works out the underlying relationships and highlights them. In a second task the respondent is informed at the outset of the existing relationships and must use this knowledge to achieve a specified goal within the depicted system.


Cognitive abilities


English (USA)





approx. 50 minutes


Norms for ages 16+.

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LanguagesChinese, English (USA), German, Spanish
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DimensionsCognitive abilities
Test typeSpecial Ability Tests