Multi-Method Objective Interests Battery

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Assesses vocational interests on the basis of the vocational interests theory of Holland.
It covers realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional interests. In addition to the usual method of a verbal test to enquire about interests, MOI also uses non-verbal methods (picture lists) and an objective personality test. A questionnaire for assessing vocational identity (clarity of the respondent’s vocational goals) is also provided. This attitude and interests test has been developed for use in job & career placement.

Test forms+

S1: Variable form (implicit/explicit measurement)
S2: Short form (explicit measurement)


The respondent works verbal and non-verbal interest questionnaires and three objective personality tests that involve highlighting various target words in different stories, distributing fictitious money to different organizations and assigning distorted and ambiguous pictures to one of six answer options. This enables unconscious aspects of interests to be identified.


Work-related aspects of personality



English (USA)








S1: 40–60 minutes
S2: 15-20 minutes


Norms for ages 15+.

Test administration+

Controlled Mode

Proctored Mode

Open Mode


The following main variables are scored:

  • Vocational identity: Measure of the individual’s subjectively rated clarity with regard to vocational interests and ideas.
  • Practical-technical interests (Realistic – R)
  • Intellectual-investigative interests (Investigative - I)
  • Artistic-linguistic interests (Artistic - A)
  • Social interests (Social - S)
  • Entrepreneurial interests (Enterprising - E)
  • Organizational-administrative interests (Conventional - C)

The scores are obtained by summing the points relating to the relevant activities. The interest type is also reported. This is calculated from the three interest directions on which the highest scores are obtained. On the basis of this, detailed (explicit and implicit) activity suggestions are provided.

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DimensionsWork-related aspects of personality
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