Plan-a-Day Test

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Test to measure verbal and temporal planning ability in healthy individuals and in psychiatric and neurological patients. The test measures the respondent’s ability to select information, to structure it to create an action plan, to mentally check the plan and then to implement it in a controlled manner. PAD is based on a day-planning paradigm. Tasks of this type require respondents to devise a plan for carrying out a given list of errands (e.g. shopping, going to the doctor, meeting friends) in an efficient order, taking account of various constraints (e.g. time limits on when particular tasks can be carried out, distances between locations).
This test has been developed mainly for use in neuropsychological assessment. It is particularly appropriate for patients with neurological or psychiatric disorders in which the executive functions may be impaired, such as schizophrenia or depression. The test is used by experts who prepare neuropsychological reports and in determining ability prior to training or rehabilitation measures.

Test forms+

One test form.


The testee carries out plans for the day using a virtual map.
He/She must devise an appropriate strategy and decide in which order to carry out the tasks and visit the different buildings.


Executive functions



English (USA)

Chinese (Taiwan)



approx. 20 minutes


Norms for ages 17+.

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LanguagesChinese (Taiwan), Dutch, English (USA), German
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