Author: G. Schuhfried
Professional Interest and Orientation Test

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The PRIO is an interest test for identifying academic or occupational interests, for use from the age of 12 onwards. The test allows for a sound assignment of the respondent to professional environments. It is therefore primarily suited for use in the context of making occupational and training-related career decisions (e.g. occupational orientation, occupational decisions, in-house career or HR decisions, selection of schooling and studies, selection of vocational training).

Main applications: Human resources, job & career, academic testing, but also in neuropsychology in the area of occupational reintegration

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There is one test form with 60 items.


The respondent's task is to specify to which extent certain jobs may or may not be interesting for them. After the instruction phase, the items are presented in succession on the screen. Each individual activity is shown with a picture and a corresponding term (e.g. "read books”). The respondent provides his or her answers via a slider (a visual analog scale). The PRIO can be presented both on a desktop and on mobile end devices.


Work-related aspects of personality


English (USA)




The time required for the test is approximately 8 minutes.


Norms from the age of 12 to 60.

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The main variables of the PRIO form the six interest dimensions (RIASEC) according to the model from Holland. The responses to each item and the raw scores of the scales are summed to form these variables.

The level of differentiation of the interest profile is output as the additional variable. The degree of differentiation helps career counselors in particular to estimate the validity of the results. In addition, special assessment elements are available (hexagon, interest type, occupational suggestions and type of career) which allow for a graphical display and a categorization of the results and their congruence with different professions and professional areas.

The wide norming range of 12-60 years allows for an assessment in the area of school students and the employee target group. The proposed occupations are based on the current Austrian occupational group register.

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LanguagesEnglish (USA)
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DimensionsWork-related aspects of personality
Test typeAttitude and Interest Tests