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Safety Assessment Screening Road

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The SAFESC test set is a psychological assessment package, developed within the framework of the Vienna Test System HR, for the (pre-) selection of applicants of safety-relevant professions. It is therefore applied in particular in the areas of Air, Rail, and Road.

The SAFESC test set fulfills, based on the recommendations for structuring personnel selection, the requirements for multi-level selection processes (DIN 33430 and ÖNORM D 4000). In so doing, it is intended to provide experts a tool that is economic on time for personnel selection with which initial indications for an existing suitability or lack thereof for safety-relevant professions can be collected.

The test set in this process is particularly suited for preselecting candidates, for example for a high volume of applicants. Thus, unsuitable candidates can be identified as such in advance to no longer have to be considered in the further recruiting process which is often very complex.

All tests included in the SAFESC were developed or adjusted so that they can be completed in different browsers or on different devices (e.g. desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones). Testing with the SAFESC therefore is not bound to a particular location. The test set is worked with the computer mouse or by touch screen. It can be administered in both one-on-one and group settings. It is important to emphasize that this screening cannot replace a detailed investigation of applicants with extensive test batteries but should serve as an economic and valid aid to decision making for the pre-selection of applicants.


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Definition of the dimensions covered by the SAFESC test set was based on information from international guidelines, already established selection procedures and empirical data analyses. Based on the recommendations for structuring personnel selection, a particular focus was on empirical work which focuses on the prediction of the performance of pilots (Air), train drivers (Rail), and professional drivers (Road) based on psychometric tests. For the selection of dimensions, specific empirical work or guideline and directives are used depending on the application area.

The summary of these meta-analytical and job-specific literature findings served for the selection of dimensions and for determining the overall scoring in the test set.

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DimensionsTestsTest formsDuration in min.
approx. 23
Cognitive abilities
Logical reasoningINTS1approx. 15
Ability to concentrateTACOS1approx. 8
The following test can be used to test other functions if required:
DimensionsTestsTest formsDuration in min.
approx. 3
ConscientiousnessBFSIS2approx. 1
Emotional stabilityBFSIS2approx. 1
AgreeablenessBFSIS2approx. 1

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