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The test set SARAIL Safety Assessment – Rail assesses safety-related cognitive and psychomotor abilities and personality characteristics. Fourteen cognitive, psychomotor, behavioral and personality-specific abilities are tested. The test set thus provides important information about specific requirements that are not reliably assessed by other suitability assessment tools. SARAIL makes a valuable contribution to corroboration of decisions that need to be taken in the course of psychological safety assessments in the field of HR.

SARAIL is the leading international tool for the assessment of train drivers’ fitness to drive. It identifies whether train drivers meet the requirements of the European Train Driver’s License. As well as being used to test train drivers, SARAIL can also be used to select drivers of other rail vehicles (e.g. rapid-transit train, metro, tram) and applicants for safety-related jobs in the rail sector.



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Directive 2007/59/EC of the European parliament and of the council of 23 October 2007 on the certification of train drivers operating locomotives and trains on the railway system in the Community stipulates that psychological assessment tests must be used both during the application process for train drivers and for regular performance monitoring of active train drivers. This occupational group includes drivers of rail vehicles such as rapid transit trains, metro systems and trams and other safety-related jobs in the rail transport sector.

The dimensions measured in this test set were selected on the basis of the EU directive and the requirements of the CER (Community of European Railways) and the ETF (European Transport Workers’ Federation). The result is a particularly economical and high-quality assessment tool, the predictive validity of which has been demonstrated in metaanalyses and numerous rail-specific studies.

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The SARAIL test set comprises the following dimensions and tests:
DimensionsTestsTest formsDuration in min.
Total length if all dimensions are presentedapprox. 116
Cognitive abilities
MemoryVISGEDS11approx. 13
Logical reasoningINTS1/Logical reasoningapprox. 15
Verbal abilityINTS1/Verbal abilityapprox. 6
Resilience and ability to react
Stress tolerance, reactiveDTS1approx. 6
Reaction ability, simpleRTS3approx. 6
Attention and concentration
ConcentrationCOGS11approx. 10
VigilanceWAFS1approx. 32
Sensomotor functions and perception
Eye-hand coordination2HANDS3approx. 4
Visual perceptionLVTS2approx. 13
Personality determinants
Emotional StabilityBFSIS1/Social confidence, Emotional robustnessapprox. 2
ExtraversionBFSIS1/Sociableness, assertivenessapprox. 2
ConscientiousnessBFSIS1/Sense of duty, Ambitionapprox. 2
OpennessBFSIS1/Openness to actions, Openness to ideasapprox. 2
AgreeablenessBFSIS1/Genuineness, Willingness to helpapprox. 2

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