Simultaneous Capacity/Multi-Tasking

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Assesses multi-tasking.
Multi-tasking or simultaneous capacity refers to work situations in which several tasks must be coordinated and updated simultaneously. This involves dividing one’s attention while performing mental activities. In addition, changes in the respondent’s performance in response to increasing demands provide information about the person’s tolerance of stress.
SIMKAP is designed mainly for use in job and career placement since in every life it is often necessary to coordinate several different tasks and to be able to work under stressful conditions. It is also used in manufacturing & safety assessments and staff & management assessments, as well as in sports psychology, military psychology and clinical neuropsychology (in relation to returning to work).

Test forms+

S1: Long form
S2: Short form (number material only)


The test consists of three different parts, which differ according to test form. The first part measures the baseline of working accuracy and speed. Two columns are shown on the screen. Each line (depending on the subtest) contains five abstract symbols or combinations of letters or numbers. In the left-hand column individual elements are marked. The respondent’s task is to go through the material line by line and to highlight in the right-hand window all the elements that are crossed out in the left-hand one.
In the second part the respondent is presented with simple intellectual tasks that are read aloud. The respondent chooses the right answer from several options.
The third part measures simultaneous capacity. In this part the respondent works several tasks simultaneously; the tasks are comparable to those in the first two parts. In addition, questions are asked that required the respondent to look up information in a simulated telephone directory or diary.


Other dimensions

Cognitive abilities

Executive functions





English (USA)











approx. 15-40 minutes, depending on test form


Norms for ages 15+.

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Controlled Mode

Proctored Mode


The following main variables are scored:

  • Simultaneous capacity: Measure of the ability to cope with work situations in which a number of tasks must be coordinated and updated simultaneously.
  • Stress tolerance, quantitative: Measure of the change in performance in situations with increased requirements by comparison with performance under normal conditions.

To exclude the possibility of performance being influenced by other factors such as dyslexia or a preference for or dislike of the material, the subsidiary variables provide a detailed analysis of perceptual accuracy and speed.

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