Author: A. Barth
Proverbs and Metaphors Test
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Assesses concretistic thought disorders.
Concretism is viewed as a typical characteristic of schizophrenic thinking. It is manifested in thought and speech as an impaired ability to understand metaphors. Concretistic patients are unable to grasp the figurative meaning of metaphorical expressions; they tend to understand the metaphor literally. The test is therefore used in clinical neuropsychology.

Test forms+

One test form.


The test presents metaphorical proverbs. Using the multiple-choice principle, the respondent chooses the interpretation option that best explains the meaning of the particular proverb. Answers can be corrected.


Other dimensions

Executive functions




approx. 10 minutes


Norms for ages 16+.

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Controlled Mode


The following main variable is scored:
Abstraction ability: Measure of the respondent’s ability to make abstractions when dealing with metaphorical linguistic material.

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