Reliability-related Personality Test – Version 3

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Assesses personality characteristics relevant to weapons psychology.
This objective, multi-dimensional questionnaire obtains the respondent’s self-assessments in relation to social behavior, emotional state / stability and his/her level of self-control and self-reflection. These characteristics are particularly relevant to the responsible handling of weapons. This special personality test is therefore suitable for the weapons-related reliability test under Section 3 (2) of the implementing order relating to the first German Weapons Act (1. WaffV).

Test forms+

One test form.


Using a four-point answer scale, respondents indicate the extent to which they agree with various statements. The previous answer can be corrected once.


Driving-related aspects of personality

Work-related aspects of personality




approx. 12 minutes if all subscales are presented


Norms for ages 16+.

Test administration+

Controlled Mode


The following main variables are scored:

  • Social expressiveness – self-confidence: Measure of the key basic dimension of social behavior known as “extraversion”.
  • Social adjustment: The level of social agreeableness or readiness to engage in conflict. This is a second important basic dimension of social behavior.
  • Emotional responsiveness: The level of emotional lability, tension, irritation and anxiety.
  • Self-control: The level of an individual’s self-discipline, consistency, reliability and adherence to norms.
  • Self-reflection: The level of intellectual flexibility and nuanced thinking as a measure of self-reflection.

The subsidiary variable Openness of the self-description describes how open and self-critical the person’s responses are.

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DimensionsDriving-related aspects of personality, Work-related aspects of personality
Test typeSpecial Personality Tests