Cognitive Functions – Schizophrenic Disorders

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The test set CFSD Cognitive Functions - Schizophrenic Disorders assesses the cognitive status of patients with various forms of schizophrenia.

In addition to positive and negative symptoms, impairments of cognitive functions (such as attention and memory) are frequently encountered in schizophrenia. They are associated with significant restrictions of everyday functioning and have a major impact on the social and occupational rehabilitation of the affected person. Schizophrenic disorders usually commence fluidly in adolescence and become chronic. It is therefore particularly important to use this test set with individuals in whom a schizophrenic disorder is suspected and to assess the progress of the disorder. In the context of clinical neuropsychology the CFSD provides an efficient means of assessing adult psychiatric patients.



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The specific findings of the studies of the validity of each test in the CFSD test set are quoted in the relevant test manuals. As is documented in the manuals for the individual tests, the tests used are valid tools for measuring the underlying ability dimensions. In addition, the ability dimensions that are tested are of central importance for the neuropsychological assessment of patients with schizophrenic disorders. Multicenter validation studies of the test set with adults with schizophrenia and healthy people are currently being conducted with the SRH Clinic in Langensteinbach, the University of Heidelberg and other partner clinics in Germany and Austria.

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The CFSD test set comprises the following dimensions and tests:
DimensionsTestsTest formsDuration in min.
Total length if all dimensions are presentedapprox. 78
Alertness, visualWAFS1approx. 2
Divided attention, crossmodalWAFS1approx. 6
Figural long-term memory Subdimension: Learning ability Subdimension: Short-term recall Subdimension: Long-term recall Subdimension: RecognitionFGTS11approx. 14
Spatial working memoryCORSIS5approx. 10
Executive functions
Cognitive flexibilityTMT-L, Part BS1approx. 1
Planning abilityTOL-FS1approx. 16
Response InhibitionINHIBS1approx. 10
Social cognition
Theory of MindTOMS3approx. 18
Processing speed
Information processing speedTMT-L, Part AS1approx. 1
The following tests can be used to test other functions if required:
DimensionsTestsTest formsDuration in min.
Verbal working memoryNBVS1approx. 9
VigilanceWAFS1approx. 18
Subjectively experienced mental abilityFLEIS1approx. 5
Ability to make abstractionsSMTS1approx. 10
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