Restrictions on use

  1. The customer undertakes not to use the supplied hardware and software in a way that contravenes SCHUHFRIED’s applicable instructions for use or the ethical directives of the test board (or of a similar institution). The copying of software is permitted only for the purpose of backing up data.
  2. The customer undertakes to use the supplied hardware and software only in compliance with the law as it applies at the place of use and with professional regulations and data protection requirements. He also undertakes to comply with import or export conditions that apply to these products and with any restrictions on use imposed by the EU or other countries of origin. The customer agrees that all products purchased from SCHUHFRIED will be used by him or under his direct supervision in a manner that complies with all professional guidelines and standards.
  3. The tests may not be used for training purposes. Training means any form of preparation of a respondent for the test situation, in particular explaining the item material, which goes beyond the necessary and usual instructions at the beginning of a test; in particular, allowing respondents to do the test "for the sake of trying it out" or "to get used to it" in whole or in part. It is also forbidden to use information about the tests given by SCHUHFRIED or taken from the manuals to give volunteers tips on how to perform at their best. The restrictions of the previous paragraph apply to all tests distributed by SCHUHFRIED, but not to the training courses. SCHUHFRIED currently sells training courses exclusively under the CogniPlus product name/brand.
  4. All persons whom the customer allows to access the supplied hardware and software in any way or to whom he in any way transfers the hardware and software shall be instructed by the customer to comply with the restrictions on use.
  5. The customer is responsible for all damage, expense and costs incurred by SCHUHFRIED as a result of infringement of the restrictions on use by the customer, his employees and other agents or otherwise by persons whom the customer allows to access the supplied hardware and software in any way or to whom he in any way transfers the hardware and software, whether arising from claims of third parties or from official action.
  6. If SCHUHFRIED (e.g. in the context of providing cloud services) grants the customer access to its server or to a server operated on its behalf, the customer's access is limited exclusively to use of the software for which the customer has purchased access and to the extent for which the customer has purchased a license.
  7. Access and attempted access to other software and data on the server is prohibited. In the event of infringement of this provision the customer is liable for any damage incurred as a result.
  8. Unless otherwise stated explicitly and in writing in the purchase agreement, we grant a nonexclusive, spatially and temporally unlimited right to use the test items that we have specifically developed for the customer. This right to use the test does not include the right to edit it (in any way whatsoever). The customer’s right to use the test cannot be transferred to third parties except with our prior written consent. SCHUHFRIED retains the unlimited copyright to the test and the unlimited right to use it.