The outstanding selection of SCHUHFRIED tests.

  • Includes tests for the most important performance parameters and personality traits
  • Use of one SCHUHFRIED Selection administration per testing, regardless of the number of tests used for the session.
  • Our Test Assistant relies entirely on the SCHUHFRIED Selection. All batteries available in the Test Assistant consist exclusively of tests from the SCHUHFRIED Selection.
Here is a detailed overview of the SCHUHFRIED Selection+


With the SCHUHFRIED Selection you no longer have to purchase individual tests - instead, you can freely configure your testing using a premium selection of tests.

You’ll use only one SCHUHFRIED Selection administration per test session, regardless of how many tests you actually require to address your needs. This ensures that you are always able to use the optimal selection of dimensions without having to worry about cost or complexity.

You can measure the following dimensions using the SCHUHFRIED Selection:

Cognitive ability

  • Logical reasoning
  • Long-term memory
  • Numerical ability
  • Verbal ability
  • Visual orientation ability
  • Visual-spatial ability


  • Ability to concentrate (selective attention)
  • Divided attention
  • Focused attention
  • Obtaining an overview
  • Processing speed
  • Vigilance

Sensorimotor system

  • Eye-hand coordination


  • Motor speed
  • Reaction speed


  • Reactive stress tolerance

Executive functions

  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Naming interference tendency
  • Reading interference
  • Working memory


  • Personality in the context of the Big Five model
    • Agreeableness
    • Conscientiousness
    • Emotional stability
    • Extraversion
    • Openness
  • Driving-related aspects of personality
    • Sense of responsibility
    • Mental stability
    • Self-control
    • Risk avoidance


  • Interests (educational/professional)
Data security & updates+

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