Universal response panel

For specific performance tests with the use of joysticks.
Universal response panel+

The ergonomic response panel developed by SCHUHFRIED enables precise measurement of the relevant dimensions in many tests for special performance diagnostics. The joysticks of the universal response panel enable the differentiated assessment of a person's eye-hand coordination.

Additionally, the use of the responses panel can significantly increase motivation and acceptance among test subjects. This is particularly true for people who are unsure about using a PC, keyboard, mouse or touchscreen. This aspect is also decisive for the fact that the response panel can be used for training with CogniPlus.

The universal response panel includes:+

• 7 color keys, 10 number keys, 1 sensor key
• 2 twist buttons
• 2 analog joysticks
• 2 joystick guides
• Connection for foot-operated keys
• Connection for foot pedals (analog)
• Sound generator (loudspeaker)
• Connection for headset (speaker and microphone)
• USB connection to PC or laptop

Universal response panel in a package+

The response panel is available individually or as a package with other in- and output devices:

• If you also want to test more complex stimulus responses, such as eye-hand-foot coordination, you will also need the SCHUHFRIED foot-operated keys.
• Depending on the test and test environment, the use of headphones may be recommended. This ensures that the test subject can hear the acoustic signals undisturbed.