Registration & verification

I have registered, but I still cannot see any prices.

Once you have registered in VTS Marketplace, a SCHUHFRIED employee will verify you manually. This lets us make sure that only professionally qualified people receive access to our psychological tests. The verification may take up to one business day. You will be notified by e-mail once your verification is complete. Should you have been logged into VTS Marketplace during verification, please log on and off once for security reasons in order to use all functions of VTS Marketplace.

I cannot log in even though I entered my e-mail address and password correctly.

To offer our customers the greatest degree of flexibility, VTS Marketplace lets you register via two methods: Log on the traditional way by creating your own VTS Marketplace account with an e-mail address and password of your choice or log on via your Microsoft account. Both methods are equally valid and only differ in how they are implemented in terms of technology. For this reason, make sure to log on with the method that you used to register.

Payment & invoices

The payment methods offered are not possible for me or my company.

We are well aware that companies have established a wide range of payment processes that cannot always be covered with the payment methods offered in VTS Marketplace. As long as you or your company fulfill the requirements for purchasing on your own account, your account can be unlocked for this purpose as an exception. Please contact your account manager for more detailed information.

How and when will I receive the invoice?

You will be asked to enter a new billing address or to select an existing address during the purchase process in VTS Marketplace during the “Billing address” step. You will receive your invoice no later than 3 days after completing your purchase at the e-mail address you entered in this step. In addition, you can access the order details as well as any other local licenses you purchased for all purchase orders in VTS Marketplace under “My account -> Orders”.

I purchase licenses via my account, but another contact person or department should receive the invoice.

That's no problem at all since the billing address is completely independent of the e-mail address of your account. To send the invoice to another e-mail address, enter this address as the e-mail address in the step “Billing address” when making your purchase. You can also change the billing address later on under “My account -> Addresses”.

I purchased licenses for my local VTS, but I can no longer find the e-mail with the license file.

You have lifetime access to licenses you have purchased. Should you have lost the license file, you can download it once again in VTS Marketplace under “My account -> Orders”.

I want to buy licenses for my local VTS, but the serial number no longer appears in the cart.

If you entered your customer number during registration, your VTS Marketplace account is usually linked with the serial numbers stored for this customer number automatically. If you were logged on during the verification process, just log off and on again after you have received the e-mail notifying you about your activation to start linking the two numbers. Your serial numbers will then be displayed after no more than three hours.

I would like to change my logon information or billing address.

You can manage all the information you have entered under “My account”. You can change your personal data and your main contract address under “Customer information". You can change or delete your billing addresses under “Addresses”.

Tests & licenses

What does the note “Please keep in mind that this product can only be presented when you have an online VTS Subscription or a local VTS version from 8.0.00 or higher.” mean?

We are constantly developing our products, and this also applies to tests and our Vienna Test System. Since the tests and the Vienna Test System are closely linked technologically, the newly published tests in particular rely on a newer version of the Vienna Test System. When you own a local Vienna Test System, you can see your current VTS version under “Settings > General settings > Info”.

I need a newer VTS version (higher version number) than I have for a test. What should I do?

When you have an active update contract, you will always receive the latest VTS version automatically as soon as it is released. Please make sure that you have also installed the update. An update contract always gives you access to the latest test versions and the latest norm samples. Alternatively, you may purchase an update via your account manager as a one-time transaction.

What is the difference between presenting “via VTS online” and “on my local VTS"?

VTS online and a local VTS are very similar, but differ in essential features, which is why the test licenses are only available for the selected system. When you purchase test licenses for VTS online, you can only present and assess the respective tests via VTS online and with an active VTS Subscription. The test licenses are available in VTS online immediately without any additional steps once you have purchased them successfully (-> What is VTS online?). When you purchase test licenses for a local VTS, you will receive a license file that you can import into your local VTS via “Settings > License management > Update license”.

I own multiple local VTS. Can I purchase test licenses for multiple local VTS at the same time?

It is currently not possible to purchase licenses for different local VTS at the same time since a current license file is generated in the background after a purchase has been completed. However, we will be offering this function to you in the future.

I would like to purchase licenses for my local VTS. Do I need an active VTS Subscription to do so?

No. Your local VTS is independent of VTS online. You only need an active VTS Subscription to present tests in VTS.

I bought test licenses for VTS online in VTS Marketplace. How can I use them?

The test licenses are available immediately without any additional steps in VTS after successful purchase. Simply switch to VTS online to present a test. You can access VTS online at any time via the “VTS online” button on the top right in VTS Marketplace or at To log on, you can simply use the same logon details and the same logon method as in VTS Marketplace. You do not have to register for VTS online.

Can I extend my annual license for the VTS administration software in VTS Marketplace?

Unfortunately, this currently is not possible. However, we will be offering this function to you in the future.

I would like to purchase licenses for a test, but I can only click “request offer” or I can no longer find it in VTS Marketplace. What does that mean?

SCHUHFRIED has decided to focus its future development on a segmented yet comprehensive product portfolio which primarily allows us to promote pioneering developments. Therefore, using some selected tests is now only possible in exceptions, which will be handled on a case-by-case basis by our account managers. If you want to request an offer, please use the contact form directly below the test. This allows you to contact our account managers directly with the description of your use case.

VTS online & STANDARD Subscription

What is VTS online?

VTS online is a browser-based program with which you can manage respondents and also present and assess tests. It allows you to present a vast number of tests on site, online without supervision, or online proctored. Please remember that you need an active VTS Subscription to present tests with VTS online.

What is the VTS Subscription?

The VTS Subscription lets you carry out digital testing directly in VTS online:

  • Send out links for online presentations by e-mail or start tests directly for on-site testing
  • You see at all times which test has been started/completed or is currently being worked. You can also access the results directly after the end of the test.

Will the VTS Subscription renew automatically once it expires?

The VTS Subscription is currently extended automatically.