Test combination: Personality according to BIG 5 and work-related cognitive competence
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The combination of the BFSI personality test with the SMART cognitive ability test makes it possible to test important factors for professional success. This combination is suitable both for investigations in personnel selection as well as personnel development. The right mix of ability and personality helps users to make a prediction about whether applicants can develop into successful employees and also for targeted supporting of employees in personnel development. The SMART ability test includes work-related tasks with corresponding overarching work-related stories which is intended to achieve high criterion validity in addition to face validity. The materials of the BFSI personality test are not explicitly embedded in the work context. This makes it possible to also receive valid results for applicants with little professional experience while still drawing on the advantages of an attractive contextualization and already bringing the applicants into the world of work during testing.


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For all tests included in the test combination, there is proof for content validity as well as on construct and criterion validity. Construct validity could be proven via the analysis of the correlations with construct-related and construct-unrelated tests. In addition, confirmatory factor analyses prove the factor structure of the tests used. In addition, there is evidence with external criteria such as work effort or success.

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Dimensions measured
DimensionsTestsTest formsDuration in min.
Total duration64 minutes
Emotional stability, extraversion, openness, conscientiousness, agreeablenessBFSIS24
Cognitive abilities
Logical reasoning, numerical ability, verbal abilitySMARTS260

A summarizing scoring and individual results are available for both tests. The comprehensive scoring helps to summarize the most important variables from both tests using a result table and profile at a glance. The individual results help to interpret the detailed information on the respective tests.

In addition, the results can be summarized automatically using position-specific reports (staff, sales, management). The reports help to provide an overview of the results achieved, as well as develop strengths and fields of development of the candidates and recommendations for the further steps in the selection and development process. Furthermore, they offer individual training suggestions as well as interview guidelines for job interviews and appraisal interviews. The reports can be generated both for internal HR officers and for applicants and managers in specialist departments with the content relevant for the target group.

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Management report

Sales report

Staff report

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